A Certain Amount of Cash Seized from the Previous Govt. Officials Submitted to DAB

Wed, Sep 15 2021 4:19 PM
A Certain Amount of Cash Seized from the Previous Govt. Officials Submitted to DAB

September 15, 2021 – A certain amount of cash found at the residence of Mr. Amrullah Saleh, the first Vice-President of the previous government and a number of previous high ranking government officials was submitted to Da Afghanistan Bank by the authorities of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

The total of the aforementioned cash amounts to USD twelve million three hundred sixty-eight thousand two hundred forty-six (12368246) and a number of gold bricks most of which were found at Amrullah Saleh’s residence.

While delivering the said cash and gold to the treasury of Da Afghanistan Bank, the officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan said that they’re committed to transparency in all fields, and therefore, submitted the cash and gold seized from the previous government officials to DAB.

The cash and gold were related to the previous high ranking government officials such as Amrullah Saleh and a number of NDS entities kept in the form of cash and gold in their houses. However, the purpose of keeping the said amount of cash and gold, and how they kept them, hasn’t been known yet.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is committed to transparency and the government has delivered the cash seized from the politically exposed persons of the previous government to the national treasury on the basis thereof.

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