Department of Legal Affairs

Department of Legal Affairs of Da Afghanistan Bank was established as office of the General Counsel in 2004 within the structure of Da Afghanistan Bank. This department drafts laws and regulations of Da Afghanistan Bank and provides necessary consultations and guidance in this regard. In addition, this department is also responsible to amend and coordinate the legislative documents of Da Afghanistan Bank with other enforceable laws of the country, respond to the legal and legislative needs of Da Afghanistan Bank, and take part in the joint meetings with other government agencies and international organizations (when the meeting agenda includes discussion on the legal issues and responsibilities of Da Afghanistan Bank).


Department of Legal Affairs has a Director General, Deputy Director General, laws and regulations drafting section, legislative and administrative documents advisory section, contract and individual issues advisory section, coordination of the High Council meetings, and executive section.

Laws and Regulations Drafting Section

This section is structured to develop and amend the legislation of Da Afghanistan Bank in line with international standards and recommendations of the World Bank and other national and international organizations. This section also collects the viewpoints of the offices of the Central Bank, government, private and international organizations concerning amendment, modifications and additions to the laws and regulations of Da Afghanistan Bank as well as establish relations between Da Afghanistan Bank and the ministry of justice of Islamic republic of Afghanistan with regard to the banking system laws and regulations.

Legislative and Administrative Documents Advisory Section

Based on the requests of the High Council, Executive Board, and relevant departments of Da Afghanistan Bank, commercial banks, foreign exchange dealers and money services providers, this section provides consultations and instructions in accordance with laws, regulations, statutes and procedures of Da Afghanistan Bank in legal matters.

Contracts and Individual Issues Advisory Section

This section is responsible for reviewing and revising contracts and providing consultation in line with the procurement law and procedure and, based on the instructions of the honorable Governor, it’s responsible to review and revise agreements and MoUs and provide legal consultations in regard thereto.

Coordination of the High Council Meetings

This section is responsible for specifying the time for holding the Supreme Council meetings, sharing the time of meetings with members of the High Council, issuing circular to all departments to include issues in their agenda, preparing the High Council meeting agenda and sharing it with the members of the Council based on the instructions of the honorable Governor, taking signatures of the High Council members in resolutions of the High Council, and sending such resolutions to the relevant departments etc.

Executive Section

All documents sent from the relevant departments of Da Afghanistan Bank and external organizations to the General Department of Legal Affairs, are recorded in correspondence register and scanned, emailed through official email address to the relevant section as per the instruction of Director General. This section records documents that are sent from the General Department of Legal Affairs to other relevant departments in correspondence register and send them through email to the relevant section.