Quadrilateral MoU on Facilitating the Process of Mortgage Loan to Government Employees

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Quadrilateral MoU on Facilitating the Process of Mortgage Loan to Government Employees

 June 01, 2021 – Da Afghanistan Bank signed a quadrilateral MoU with the Ministry of Urban Development and Land, the Afghanistan Banking Association, and the Afghanistan Builders Association for the purpose of facilitating the lending process and conditions of banks to the housing sector for the government employees.

At the outset of meeting, Mr. Ajmal Ahamdy, the acting Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank discussed the role of banks in facilitating the process lending to the economic sectors particularly housing through granting loans with required facilities, and deemed the role thereof determinative.

Mr. Ahmady added that as a central bank, Da Afghanistan Bank, by designing effective and useful procedures, encourages the banking system of Afghanistan to invest in the public welfare projects which will, increase activities in the banking sector as well as help the public avail the services delivered.

Subsequently, Mr. Mahmud Karzai, the Minister of Urban Development and Land of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan appreciated the efforts of Mr. Ajmal Ahmady in facilitating the conditions of lending to the different economic sectors of the country, acknowledging that housing is one of the important welfare needs of the people of every country. He added that, fortunately, today we are witnessing an initiative for providing houses to the government employees by facilitating the conditions of loans through banks.

Thereafter, Mr. Salim Omid, President Afghanistan Banking Association, extended his gratitude to Mr. Ahmady and appreciated his role in coordinating and strengthening the relations between banks and private sector of the country and added that banks have a proper liquidity and are ready to provide assistance of all sorts in granting loans to the private sector for the purpose of economic growth of the country.

At the end, Mr. Hamidullah Habibi, the President of Afghanistan Builders Association also expressed his readiness in providing houses with affordable prices so the government employees can afford them and promised to spare no effort in this regard. 

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د افغانستان بانک 36 میلیونه امریکايي ډالره لیلاموي

1400 کال د غبرګولی 20 مه- د افغانستان بانک غواړي چې د 1400 کال د غبرګولی میاشتې په 22 نېټه د شنبې په ورځ د داوطلبۍ په اوږدوکې شاوخوا 36 میلیونه امریکايي ډالره د یوې ازادې او رڼې پروسې. . .

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د پیسو د نړیوال صندوق اجرائیوي بورډ د یوې غونډې په اوږدو کې د افغانستان لپاره د کریډیټ د آسانتیاد غځونې د نوي پروګرام لومړنۍ ارزونه بریالۍ یاده کړه

۱۴۰۰ کال د غبرګولي ۱۹ مه – د پیسو نړیوال صندوق د یوې اعلامیې په خپرولو سره ویلي چې د دې صندوق د اجرائیوي بورډ د ګډو اقتصادي سمونونو (کریډیټ د آسانتیاد غځونې) تر پروګرام لاندې د. . .

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د افغانستان د مالي او بانکوالۍ انستیتوت (AIBF) د مدیره پلاوي غونډه

۱۴۰۰ کال د غبرګولي ۱۸ مه – د افغانستان بانک د سرپرست ښاغلي اجمل احمدي په مشرۍ چې په ورته وخت کې د افغانستان د مالي او بانکوالۍ د انستیتوت د بورډ رئیس هم دی د دې انستیتوت د بورډ غونډه. . .

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