DAB Supreme Council Holds its Meeting

یکشنبه ۱۴۰۲/۲/۲۴ - ۱۶:۱
DAB Supreme Council Holds its Meeting

May 14, 2023- The Supreme Council of Da Afghanistan Bank, being the highest decision making body of the bank, held meeting on discussing and exchanging opinions and making decisions regarding the implementation of appropriate monetary policies, strengthening the banking sector, developing Islamic banking and a robust payment systems and providing facilities to the customers of the banking sector.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Hedayatullah “Badri”, the acting Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank where other members of the council participated in person and online. In this meeting, discussion was held and insights were provided on the performances of Da Afghanistan Bank and implementation of the designed programs, economic situation of Afghanistan, monetary policy implementation, strengthening of the banking system, Islamic banking development, stability of the country’s financial system, accelerating payments’ digitalization process, developing banking facilities for the people and a number of administrative issues pertaining to the bank. Necessary decisions were made in accordance with the provisions of DAB law.

It has to be mentioned that the Supreme Council of DAB holds its meeting quarterly to discuss and provide insights on different policy making issues, plan banking activities, performance and achievements of the bank, and making necessary decisions for the improvement of the bank and financial and banking system performance of the country.

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سه‌شنبه ۱۴۰۳/۵/۲ - ۱۵:۱۷
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حریق بانکنوت‌های مندرس در زون شمال د افغانستان بانک

۱۶ محرم الحرام ۱۴۴۶- د افغانستان بانک بانکنوت‌های مندرس جمع‌آوری شده از زون های شمال و شمال شرق که مجموعاً (۱،۰۷۳،۹۶۲،۰۰۰) یک میلیارد و هفتاد و سه میلیون و نهصد و شصت و دو هزار افغانی. . .

دوشنبه ۱۴۰۳/۵/۱ - ۱۴:۳۶
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تدویر کنفرانس تمویلات کوچک مالی اسلامی بمنظور رشد تجارت های کوچک و متوسط

16 محرم الحرام 1446- محترم صدیق الله خالد آمر عمومی دفتر ریاست د افغانستان بانک، در همایش تحت عنوان "هفته مالی اسلامی افغانستان" که پیرامون تمویل مالی اسلامی کوچک راه اندازی گردیده بود،. . .

شنبه ۱۴۰۳/۴/۳۰ - ۱۶:۲۹
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تلاش برای توسعه خدمات مالی

14 محرم الحرام 1446 محترم نور احمد آغا سرپرست ریاست کُل د افغانستان بانک با محترم ستیفن رودریگز، رئیس اداره انکشافی سازمان ملل متحد در افغانستان، و هیأت همراهش دیدار و پیرامون مسائل. . .

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